Cake with lemon cream

  • Dome cupa cu aromă de lămâie
    Pasticcera cremă
    Lemon Cream
    Ganache de ciocolată albă
    Decorațiuni de ciocolată
    Trandafiri de la fondant

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2 thoughts on “Cake with lemon cream”

  1. Hallo!

    Ich frage mich aktuell, welches Diätmittel für mich in Frage kommt.

    Ich habe bereits viele getestet, nur absolut nie Erfolge gehabt.
    Auf was sollte man da am Besten achten? Ich halte
    nichts von solchen Zaubermitteln, die eine Menge garantieren, aber nur wenig erfüllen. Also nicht
    falsch verstehen, ich will keine Wunderwaffe, aber es muss doch irgendwelche Kapseln geben,
    die wenigstens ein bisschen helfen.

    Für Unterstützung wäre ich überaus dankbar

    Mit besten Grüßen

  2. First of all, for a diet to work, you have to combine it with sport. Do a little exercise, preferably in the morning. In the morning there is at least 30 minutes of movement to lose weight. If you do sports in the afternoon, it’s to burn calories consumed on that day (well … some of them), and if you do the evening, it’s just for maintenance. That’s how I felt, on my skin. Only after 20 minutes of sports, calories start to burn. I am not a dietician, I only say from my own experience. I eat anything but the measure. I do not care about carbohydrates, fried foods, sweets and gaseous juices. If I still consume them, because I’m a good one, I put a small amount. In the morning, I only eat a slice of dry bread with a small dough of milk and drink a cup of coffee. At lunch only the main course, and the evening
    We excluded bread and meat. I eat only slim foods. As far as I know, the body takes what it needs from food consumed at breakfast and lunch. What is consumed later is calories that burn out only if you do the evening. So I think we’re eating to keep up and not vice versa, we have to think about our priorities in life, and then it’s easier to make the right choices. 😗

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